Wednesday, 25 June 2014

London College of Fashion Exhibition

London College of fashion was probably one of my top choices but when I visited it I didn't really like the university space or the clothes that the students made. 
The lcf in oxford street was too small to have the exhibition there which immediately put me off. After seeing the massive building that CSM has and the amazing studios, I was disappointed to find out that LCF was too small to have the exhibition(which wasn't that big) in the university. 

I adored the jewellery and shoes section, I thought the products were amazing however we noticed that the finish wasn't up to scratch with CSM and you could often see glue. 

I was quite disappointed by the Fashion section. The clothes were badly lit, the space was dark and cramped which made it quite difficult to look at the clothes. I did like the clothes that the students produced but I think there was a lack of creativity and WOW factor that I've seen at CSM. 

Tiana x

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