Monday, 16 June 2014

London College of Communications talk

LCC is part of UAL (university arts london) and specializes in design and media. The courses they offer include journalism, film, advertising, graphic design and lots more. Based in Central London, next I Elephant and Castle, LCC are able to offer their students many opportunities including internships with companies such as Nike and Nokia.
Last week we had a talk from Bill, one of the teachers at LCC.

 They are offering summer workshops where we will be able to go to the university and see what it would be like to be an actual student at LCC. The workshops they are offering include:
-Photgraphy where we will use both film cameras and digital cameras to produce a series of images
-Journalism where we'll learn how to properly research, develop and write articles
-Spacial design which involve us design a building or something to go into a space and then making a model of it.
- Design Program includes graphic design, typography and print with the end result being a series of posters
- Media Communications which is a mix of pr and marketing where you work in a team to create a marketing/advertising campaign. 

After these courses we'll have the opportunity to take part in their enrichment program where LCC will help us to develop our portfolios, teach us interview skills and help us to write a personal statement. 

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