Wednesday, 25 June 2014

London College of Fashion Exhibition

London College of fashion was probably one of my top choices but when I visited it I didn't really like the university space or the clothes that the students made. 
The lcf in oxford street was too small to have the exhibition there which immediately put me off. After seeing the massive building that CSM has and the amazing studios, I was disappointed to find out that LCF was too small to have the exhibition(which wasn't that big) in the university. 

I adored the jewellery and shoes section, I thought the products were amazing however we noticed that the finish wasn't up to scratch with CSM and you could often see glue. 

I was quite disappointed by the Fashion section. The clothes were badly lit, the space was dark and cramped which made it quite difficult to look at the clothes. I did like the clothes that the students produced but I think there was a lack of creativity and WOW factor that I've seen at CSM. 

Tiana x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Central Saint Martins Degree Show

On Sunday I went to Central Saint Martins for their Degre show which included:-
  • BA Fashion
  • Jewellery
  • Textiles Design
  • Animation
  • Graphics

I want to study either Womenswear Fashion design or Fashion Design Print CSM is my top choice for universities so this was an amazing opportunity to see the work and become more informed about the type of work that I could produce if I studied there.

I thought the work was really experimental, unique and showed individuality. 

I feel inspired by the work and it excited. Obviously I would love to go to Saint Martins for the name but it is definitely reassuring to see the work and know that it inspires me. I feel like CSM is probably the place for me if I work hard enough. 

Tiana x

Wimbledon University

Last Monday we went on a trip to Wimbledon College of Art which is part UAL. The courses they offer including:-
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Print
  • Costume Design
  • Set Design
  • Technical Arts and Special Effects

Although I'm not particularly interested in studying any of these courses, it was interesting to look around and see the work of students.

I especially enjoyed seeing their sketchbooks and the way they researched and developped their ideas and then into final pieces.

I thought the quality of the work was fairly high for most of the courses, I thought that some of the work was quite cramped and it felt like not all of the students had the space they needed to display their work effectively, especially in sculpture.

Displaying image.jpeg

Displaying image.jpeg

Displaying image.jpegI thought the special effects section was amazing, everything was so realistic and if I wanted to do this course I would definitely want to apply to wimbledon.
Displaying image.jpeg

Displaying image.jpeg

Monday, 16 June 2014

London College of Communications talk

LCC is part of UAL (university arts london) and specializes in design and media. The courses they offer include journalism, film, advertising, graphic design and lots more. Based in Central London, next I Elephant and Castle, LCC are able to offer their students many opportunities including internships with companies such as Nike and Nokia.
Last week we had a talk from Bill, one of the teachers at LCC.

 They are offering summer workshops where we will be able to go to the university and see what it would be like to be an actual student at LCC. The workshops they are offering include:
-Photgraphy where we will use both film cameras and digital cameras to produce a series of images
-Journalism where we'll learn how to properly research, develop and write articles
-Spacial design which involve us design a building or something to go into a space and then making a model of it.
- Design Program includes graphic design, typography and print with the end result being a series of posters
- Media Communications which is a mix of pr and marketing where you work in a team to create a marketing/advertising campaign. 

After these courses we'll have the opportunity to take part in their enrichment program where LCC will help us to develop our portfolios, teach us interview skills and help us to write a personal statement. 

Tiana x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Comparing Universities

Universities that I'm interested in going to include:
  • Central Saint Martins
  • London College of Fashion
  • Royal College of Art
  • Ravensbourne
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of East London
  • University of Westminister
Here is a quick comparison of a few of them on Uni Stats

From this statistics Central Saint Martins is clearly the best to go to but I will research all of these courses.

Motion Graphics

Edgehill University

Motion graphics teaches a variety of areas such as storytelling, animation, branding and typography. With this course you can have a career in graphic design, animation, film, advertising or broadcasting. The entry requirements include:
-280 UCAS points for Edgehill university and a creative arts portfolio which accounts for at least 80 of those points.
-for Ravensbourne you need at 5 GCSEs grade C or above (including English and Maths) and at least 2 Alevel grade C or the equivalent to this.

Fashion Contour

London College of Fashion

De Monfort University

Fashion Contouring is design and make lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. It is only offered in two universities in England. With this course you can go on to start up your own business, become a designer or marketer for a lingerie company. The requirements include:
  • Art and Design Foundation or
  • 280 points with a minimum of 180 points from 2 full A levels and including grade C in Art and Design or
  • National Diploma DMM or
  • International Baccalaureate: 28+ Points
  •  For London college of fashion you need a minimum of 160 UCAS points.
    For both courses you need to show a strong interest in fashion contouring and an awareness of material developments, new designers and fashion trends.

    Spatial Design

    London College of Communication
    Bucks New University
    Edinburgh Napier University

    From looking at these universities I have learnt that Spatial design is a mix between architecture, interior design, landscape design and public art. It is about working with different spaces and with this degree you can go into several different jobs such as the jobs I just said. To apply you need at least 3 GCSEs grade C and above and a strong portfolio showing an interest in art and design. For a BTEC course you need a minimum MMM.