Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Writing a Personal statement

Personal statement
-to sell yourself to universities
- useful for applying to jobs, apprenticeships, internships
- helps to solidify in you pr mind the things that you are good at 
- helps you to focus on why you want to do a certain course

It is important because it's your first impression to the university. They see this before an interview and portfolio. 

You put in-
- industry experience
- hobbies
-character traits
-why you want to do that particular course 
- volunteering
-ambition for progression
- what makes you different to other students
-why you want to be in the chosen industry
-what inspires you
-external influences
-subject specific skills
-projects and work that you've done that is appropriate for the course
-other all around qualities
-independent work and qualities aside from school, extra curricular
-additional studies
-work experience 
- good grammar and spelling

What you shouldn't put in
- things that aren't related to the course
- negative things

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