Friday, 19 September 2014

Internship at Yulia Kondranina

During Summer I did an internship with a designer called Yulia Kondranina. It was a really worthwile experience and because it's a small company there were only a few people working for the designer which gave me the opportunity to do a lot more than if I were to intern with a larger, maybe more well known brand. My responsibilities included:-
  • pattern cutting
  • sewing clothes
  • adding fastenings 
  • fabric cutting
  • buying fabric
  • giving my opinion on designs
  •  developing samples


  1. love these photos! bet you loved every minute!
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    ♥ oxox

  2. Despite of the argument, internships do teach you a lot.
    I'm so glad that your blog talks about these things and universities.

  3. aah what an amazing opportunity!

    from helen at

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