Friday, 23 January 2015

Interview at The University of East London

On Wednesday I had an interview at the University of East London for a degree in Fashion Design. Firstly, the course directors looked at our portfolios while we went into another room and filled in a questionnaire. There were questions such as 'Which designer is Malcom Mclaren associated with?', 'Which fashion house just appointed Galliano as the new head designer' and general questions like 'What are your favourite films?' and 'Which designers inspire you?'

Then we went on to have individual interviews. Having already looked at my portfolio, they asked me to explain some of my pieces and talk about my work. They also asked me questions about my skills in fashion such as pattern cutting, garment construction and also the type of work that I have done throughout my internships. They liked that I had done so much work experience without having been told to go find it as it showed I am independent and passionate. They were impressed by my GCSEs and were confused that I hadn't chosen to do academic A-Levels but liked that I had chosen to study art despite my grades.

They told me that I need to to show more of my drawing skills in my portfolio which is someting I'm going to focus on improving. The interviewers preferred the moodboards and  research that I  had done at home as they called it more intelligent and thought through compared to my school sketchbook which they though looked a little 'cut and paste'.

After around 10 minutes of talking they told me that they would like to offer me a place on the course. When they first looked through my portfolio they thought I was a 'maybe' candidate but after talking to me and getting to know me, they were impressed by the way I interviewed which is what made them want to give me a place.

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