Thursday, 21 August 2014

Reply from Paris College of Art

Thank you for your interest in Paris College of Art! I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I was out of the office and am just catching up on my email! I would be happy to  answer your questions.

1) As we are an American university, we operate on a credit-based system. The first year of our program is at the undergraduate level (rather than preparatory level) so students need university-level credits to transfer out of Foundation.
2) Our school is very small (around 200 students) and our application numbers and acceptance rate fluctuates widely per year. We admit students based on their qualifications and talent, rather than a specific quota.
3)Craft your application carefully and prepare the best portfolio and personal essay that you can-make sure that clearly answers the prompt. Submit a thoughtful portfolio that shows both your creative potential and your technical skills, and highlights your best work in any media.
4) If your application is not accepted, you can be invited to reapply for another program, yes, depending on your interests and your profile.
5)Yes! We offer financial assistance based on both need and merit that can cover up to half the cost of tuition.
6)Students secure their own housing, working with the help of the student life  office and can choose from student residences, individual apartments, flatshares or homestays.
7)Your personal statement should be wel-written and answer the prompt and clearly state why you specifically want to study at Paris College of Art.
8)Yes! Getting your application in by the priority deadline assures that you will receive priority consideration.
9) It depends on your course schedule--some costs, such as printing, are covered by the school, but other material costs will vary per class and per project.
10)Put together your best and most daring work; show expressive work and have something to say about each piece; think about the order and narrative structure of your portfolio
11) Just be yourself! We are assessing motivation and fit more than anything else. Be prepared to speak about your academic history, your goals, and your portfolio and work in depth.
12) This is a big question--PCA is a truly unique institution: we combine academic rigor with a hands-on, people-centered approach in a very international environment. Our students and teachers come from over 40 countries, creating a very diverse and stimulating creative environment. We are closely connected to the art and design industry in Paris, and students begin interning and collaborating on company based projects from their first year. By graduation, students have developed a list of experience and contacts that enables them to launch creative careers in Paris and around the world.

Hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

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